-To train weekly and compete in at least 3 tournaments throughout the summer

-To participate in tournaments as a “team” so they can practice, support and motivate each other whenever possible

-To increase proficiency in both singles and doubles play


*NOTE: Participating in DG Summer Training Camp does not, in any subjective way, increase/decrease a player’s chances of making the team in the following season. Instead, DG Tennis Camp is intended to improve the player’s game, making an overall better tennis player.  The individual player’s performance at tryouts will still determine whether or not the player will make the team.



-Summer is the best time for players to develop new skills in Tennis. They will have the time to experiment and experience different ways to move around the court, hit the ball and play the game. It is also a time where there are plenty of competitive tournaments to choose from so they can develop match toughness and also have plenty of time to bond as a “team”.

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